Balancing volume and back searching tracks

I put together a daily news show that is composed of multiple segments developed by different students. Do any of you have tips for balancing the volume? I’ve tried adjusting segments individually, but they never seem to play back at the same volume that I’ve set. Inevitably the teacher sets the volume to the level of the student’s voice, and then gets blasted when a music backed segment comes on, no matter how much I try to manipulate each segment as I merge them.

I’d also love some way to identify what media was used in a segment so I can match music or a visual over time. I know that I can find the title in the raw edit, but my students are often sending me finished work.

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I will second this request. Volume matching is a hard task in video and audio production for adults. Asking kids to “use your ears” is too big of an ask. I know that the fancy-pants video editors of the world have EQ/audio mixing features, but some sort of visual representation of the actual volume levels of clips in relation to objective sound levels would be very nice.

I believe in you WeVideo! You can be just like the fancy-pants of the world!!

I’m having to exact same struggle on my campus daily morning show. It is a tedious process for sure. I try to have one student that is in charge of volume matching and a visual would help — glad I’m not alone in this struggle.

Same here! I used to use iMovie to balance all my segments and WeVideo does go up and down in volume through my morning news show each day…